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A Culinary Journey on this All Inclusive Gastronomic Shore Excursion from Salerno

Italy would not be the same without its gastronomic heritage. A culinary food excursion is one of the most satisfying ways to explore this historic country.
The country, famous for its beauty, history, art and culture is also just as well known for its delightful food. Italian food is coveted the world over and its freshness, quality and taste leaves any palate wanting more!
The Mediterranean diet that has been in existence for years, evolved in Italy. The emphasis even today, remains on good, wholesome and healthy food. There are over 16000 people who have lived beyond 100, giving Italy the privilege of being one of the countries with the longest life expectancies in the world!

Here are some reasons why Campania is on the food map of the world:

  • Blessed with rich volcanic soil thanks to Mount Vesuvius, Campania boasts of some of Italy’s most healthy fruits and vegetables. The San Marzano tomato is a pride of the area, along with basil, garlic, peppers, broccoli rabe, olive and citrus trees.
  • Campania is the proud innovator of three of Italy’s prized contributions to the food scene: macaroni, pizza and tomato sauce. The unique water buffalo mozzarella cheese is also a specialty here.
  • Pasta undoubtedly remains the core of a Campanian diet. Prepared with durum wheat, it is hearty as well as healthy. Popular shapes include the tubular form which is ideal for retaining the flavorful sauces. Mostaccioli, or “little mustaches”, which is spaghetti form and ziti are perfect pairings for many of Campania’s mouthwatering tomato sauces.
  • Locally, San Marzano has been named the only tomato that can be used in an authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe. Whether the tomato sauce is a basic marinara or a more detailed creation, these tomatoes offer the foundation on which to build the pizza.

What to Expect on your All-inclusive Gastronomical Shore Excursion from Salerno

Your English-speaking chauffeur will pick you up at the Salerno port as you get set for a day full of flavor and fun! To start, your eyes can feast on the beauty of the region as your chauffeur drives along the coast which is perhaps the most beautiful in the world.
Your first stop is a Limonaia. At this lemon grove, you will see how four generations of family since 1850 have cultivated the farms with sheer passion and hard work resulting in excellent quality products. A family member after welcoming you will show you a typical day at their farm. The tasting experience is one to relish as you devour farm fresh bread topped with homemade lemon and orange marmalade. Sip some fresh lemonade and limoncello as they share their family recipe with you. You will get the pleasure of tasting the extra virgin olive oils with flavors ranging from plain, lemon, orange, basil, oregano to rosemary and hot chili. Warm homemade bread makes the perfect accompaniment!
Your chauffeur will take you to your next stop, a fresh cheese factory or Caseificio as it is locally known. Your tour starts right from the cattle sheds where you get a close look at the livestock and see how they are bred. At the caseificio, you will taste a variety of cheese, including aged provolone del Monaco DOP, cacciottine, ricotta and mozzarella prepared by the cheese maker as you look on. A fresh tomato salad with wine and cheese will keep you satisfied till you reach your next exciting stop.

An unforgettable experience awaits you as your chauffeur takes you to your final stop for the day. A cozy restaurant in the heart of the town center of Schiazzano is where you play the role of a pizza chef!
Owner Lucio and his son will show you the ropes of creating a Neapolitan pizza, using their age-old family recipe that includes mother yeast. Your chef apron and hat that is supplied to you will make you one amongst them. Have fun kneading pizza dough and even throwing it in the air like a true professional. The tarantella song playing in the background makes the ambience perfect for a video clip, so make sure you capture some memories to show your friends back on the cruise. Your signature style pizza with your favorite toppings is yours to enjoy. Two minutes in a wood oven and its feast time! Enjoy your delicious creation accompanied by water, wine and dessert (all inclusive).
The lovely day still gives you some time for a dreamy walk through the historical center of Sorrento. Soak in the magic of the day as you sip some coffee or allow some delicious gelato to melt in your mouth as you watch the world go by in this gorgeous, quaint town.
Brimming over with memories of a day that will be etched in your mind forever, your chauffeur will drive you back to the Salerno port, to continue your cruise on the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean.
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