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Flavors and More, on Your Day on Shore!

A trip to Italy is never complete without experiencing the flavors of this beautiful country. Amidst the history, art and culture lies an exciting culinary experience. Even the simplest of food can be a delightful gourmet encounter, and this shore excursion is just what food dreams are made of!
As with all regions in Italy, uniquely bold food traditions prevail in Campania. It was here that the Mediterranean diet evolved. The country with its high-quality food, variety and freshness boasts of the longest life expectancy in the world. A stunning point to note is that there are over 16000 people here who have lived beyond 100 years!
On this unique gastronomic excursion, your day on shore will offer hands-on experience with some quintessentially Italian dishes. As your eyes feast on the beautiful landscape, your taste buds can savor some soul satisfying local delicacies in Campania.

Some Information about Mouthwatering Campania Cuisine

Campania’s fertile soil is conducive to the production of the famous San Marzano tomatoes. In fact, it led the Romans to name the region “Campania Felix” meaning “fertile land”. Olive oil, mozzarella, pizza, pasta, limoncello, are just some of the products famous here.
The Campani, as the people of Campania are called, are renowned for their fish and seafood specialties. Like all the Italian coastal regions, Campania also has the popular focaccia which tastes delicious when drizzled with oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Many believe that focaccia gave birth to pizza. Campania is known throughout the world for its pizza and pasta, which have become Italian national symbols. Wheat grows well here, thanks to the geography and climate, and is used to make dried pasta, especially long noodles like vermicelli, spaghetti, and bucatini.
The rich pastry-making history of the region includes some of the regional favorites like Pastiera, a Neopolitan cheese tart, Babà, a rum-soaked sponge cake and Sfogliatelle, sinful cream-filled, shell-shaped pastry. Your gourmand excursion will begin in the morning with our English-speaking chauffeur picking you up at the Salerno port. He will be driving along the mountainous roads which offer breathtaking views of the coast.

Your first stop is the Frantoio Oil Mill. Established in 1850, this oil mill is a true asset of the Campania region. Family run since four generations, they have maintained high quality production of olive oil over the years. You will feel privileged to be their guest right from your warm welcome by a family member. The traditional and modern methods of production of premium olive oil will leave you in awe as you witness the detail and hard work that goes into it.
The different types of olive oil, each refreshingly different but just as flavorful are now yours to enjoy! The tantalizing tastes of the traditional classic extra virgin, lemon and chili pepper flavors will linger on your taste buds as you move on to your next stop.
A fresh cheese factory, also known as a Caseificio, will be your next destination. On the drive there, feel free to ask your chauffeur any questions about the area. Having lived in the region, he will give you his unique insights laced with personal experience.
At the cheese factory, enjoy an experience that not many have the opportunity to see firsthand. The fascinating transformation of fresh milk into mozzarella balls or braids, ricotta and provolone cheese is a special experience.
Now comes the fun part, a pizza lesson by an Italian Pizzaiolo! Your chauffeur will take you to a lovely local restaurant where you will learn the art of making an authentic pizza. Get yourself clicked donning the apron and hat that they give you to wear. Spread and tap the pizza dough, add fresh local tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and basil, and pop it into the wood burning oven. Your own signature pizza will be ready in two minutes. Then sit back and relish the fruit of your labor!

The day continues with more incredible experiences. Your next visit is to a family run local “Azienda Agricola”. In existence since 1935, the family has been working tirelessly in cultivating olives, lemons and grapes for the production of the region’s fine wine.
Their third generation has now introduced organic farming for oil and limoncello. Great effort is taken to ensure the soil is maintained at its finest. This is important to ensure the genuineness of their products. Sample some of the finest limoncello, orange, mandarin, licorice, walnut, myrtle and lemon cream liquors at the factory. Don’t leave without tasting Babà, a heavenly dessert!
Despite your plateful of new experiences during this day, you will still have time for wandering through the historical center of Sorrento. Browse elegant stores, or simply sip an espresso at a local bar. This beautiful place with its lovely people will give you no dearth of conversation during your cruise dinner.
In the early evening hours, your chauffeur will begin his drive back to the cruise terminal in Salerno. Relax in the car as you reflect on a day that will be imprinted in your mind forever.
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