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A Visit to Paestum and a Buffalo Farm from Salerno

Italian food and culture go hand in hand and many say there is no difference—the two blend seamlessly. The history and flavor of the country are bound to leave any visitor captivated.
If food for your mind is food for your soul and vice-versa, this excursion is for you! Spend a day enjoying a heady combination of history and flavors as you embark on a journey into time and gastronomy.
Your exciting day will begin with our English-speaking chauffeur picking you up outside the cruise ship terminal at Salerno port.

Here are some important facts about Paestum:

  • Paestum is known for its well preserved Greco-Roman architecture and archaeological sites. It is under the municipality of Capaccio in the southern part of Italy and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Tourists often visit three of the well-preserved Doric Greek temples in this ancient city. The temples are roped around the perimeters to prevent access by visitors inside the structure.
  • The Temple of Hera, the oldest temple, was built around 550 B.C. It is sometimes called the Basilica because earlier archaeologists mistook it as a Roman building. Other notable temples are the Temple of Neptune, the most complete of the three, and the Temple of Ceres which has a transitional architecture between Ionic and early Doric.
  • Roman structures that you will see include a forum, an amphitheater and a gymnasium swimming pool. Paestum also has a museum displaying artifacts like the Tomba del tuffatore, a painting that deviates from the usual theme of Greek paintings.

    What to Expect on Your Visit to Paestum

    Your chauffeur will drive across the city, and onto the highway. Battipaglia is about 17 miles south and your first stop, Paestum, is 15 miles ahead. Make the most of this journey as you converse with your driver who, being a local, can share with you vital information about the area.
    Paestum is a wonderful place to visit not only for being one of the most beautiful cities of Magna Grecia, but also for its majestic Doric temples and the stretch of coast along the sparkling sea. Situated in a picture-perfect position a few miles south of the Amalfi coast and north of the Cilento coast, it is the doorway to the National Park of Cilento.
    There is so much to explore at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we strongly recommend an English-speaking guide who can be arranged for you if you let us know in advance. Your guide will ensure that you get the best out of your day by accompanying you through the sights. The area from Battipaglia to Paestum is the region known for Italy’s renowned buffalo farms which produce the world famous “Buffalo Mozzarella”. After being absorbed in history of a bygone Roman era, your chauffeur will take you to your next stop, the buffalo farm. Battipaglia is in the province of Salerno. Both the province of Salerno and Caserta are part of the Campania region and together they account for more than 80% of Italy’s buffalo farms.

Here are some noteworthy facts about the world famous Italian Buffalo Mozzarella:

  • Produced from whole buffalo milk, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and zinc, which gives it important antioxidant properties.
  • This melt-in-the-mouth cheese is fresh and stringy textured cheese, with a porcelain white color. It has an extremely thin rind and a delicate taste. On slicing, it produces white, watery whey. Usually shaped round, it also comes in small bite sized shapes and braids.
  • A good indicator of freshness is the consistency of the cheese. It should be elastic with a tight, smooth and humid surface. There should be no yellowish marks or spots and when pressed with a finger, the texture should be neither too soft nor rubbery.Mozzarella is easily digestible and has reduced lactose content.

    What to Expect During Your Time at the Buffalo Farm

    At the shed where the cattle are kept, you will see the hard work by the farm hands. Get up close with the livestock and if you are lucky, take a picture with some calves. You will see how the buffalos are bred and the process of making fresh mozzarella cheese. Taste some as you watch the cheese maker in action.
    A farm fresh lunch with mozzarella on the menu is next. Relish delicious flavors of an authentic Italian meal made with produce from the farm itself. It cannot get any fresher than this!
    After this wonderful day full of new experiences, your chauffeur will drive you back to the Salerno port from where you will continue with your cruise. The evening will have travelers sharing experiences, and you will have no dearth of fascinating stories to tell them! Spend the next hour and a half relaxing and going over the day with memories imprinted in your mind forever.
    Contact us today to book your Paestum and buffalo farm excursion from Salerno or request a quote online.