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Pompeii, Sorrento & Positano shore excursion from Salerno

The Best of Pompeii, Sorrento & Positano on this Shore Excursion from Salerno
This tour is a wonderful way of spending a full day on shore taking in the wonder of Italy. The country offers a never-ending array of rich art, architecture, music, food and history. The mystifying natural beauty of the mountains, landscape and coast will leave any traveler spellbound!

This whole day excursion will start with our English-speaking chauffeur picking you up at the Salerno port. The Amalfi coast is one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, and you can feast on the region’s natural beauty as you travel.

Here is some interesting information about Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano:

  • Mount Vesuvius lies on the west coast of Italy. It is the only active volcano on mainland Europe and is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. The massive eruption of 79 A.D. destroyed the cities of Pompeii and subsequently, Herculaneum and killed around 2000 people.  At a height of 1,281 meters high and estimated age of 17,000 years, it’s said that Mount Vesuvius has erupted over 50 times.
  • Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The city was buried so rapidly that it became frozen in time for years until it was rediscovered in 1748. Archaeological findings in later years provide a glimpse of life in an ancient Roman city. The Amphitheatre of Pompeii is the oldest stone building of its kind known to mankind, dating back to 80 BC. 
  • Sorrento, a beautiful, small city in Campania is also referred to as the Land of Mermaids, Orange and Lemon Groves and the Land of Colors. Visitors throng to this beautiful city for its sea cliffs, steep slopes and sun-kissed waters. Famous for its limoncello, Sorrento has been on the bucket list for many a traveler. 
  • Positano, a jewel in the Amalfi coast, was an important port town during the Middle Ages. In 1268, it was raided by Pisan forces. As a consequence, the town decided that it needed to strengthen its defenses. Due to this, the town could only be accessed by steep roads. More recently, Positano has served as a backdrop for several notable films, while tourism has become the staple industry in the town.