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The Best Wine Trail on this Shore Excursion from Salerno

Italy is full of breathtaking views, delicious food and fine wine. It is unlike any other place you may have traveled to and explored. Wherever you go, you will find breathtaking views of an endless, blue shimmering ocean. There is nothing quite as beautiful as driving across the bay, enjoying the sunshine and wonderful views from your car, that reveal new surprises and hidden secrets at every turn.
In addition to the scenic vistas, Italy is just as famous for its high-quality food and wine. Home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, it is no wonder that Italian wines are known worldwide for their excellent quality and variety. Your winery tour will take you along some of the most the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Buy some bottles during your shore excursion from Salerno to enjoy on your cruise as you sail the waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Here is some interesting information about the wine region in Campania:

The name Campania, originates from the Latin term, campania felix, meaning “fertile land”. The region has strong historical links to wine and grape cultivation, and is one of Italy’s oldest wine regions.

Campania’s vineyards boast of white-wine varieties like Fiano and Greco, which are championed by the region’s most respected white wines, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. The original name for the 2000-year-old Fiano was Vitis apiana (Latin for “vine of the bees”).

Campania has the distinction of growing some of the best grape varieties in the world. Aglianico is the grape that is used in the making of the region’s two prized red wines, Taurasi and Aglianico del Taburno.

The noted wine producing regions of Campania include the Benevento province, Caserta province, Salerno and Naples provinces, the Sorrento Peninsula, and Cilento in the south. Grape varieties grown here include the white Biancolella and Coda di Volpe, and the red Piedirosso and Aglianico.

What to Expect on your Wine Excursion from Salerno

Our English-speaking chauffeur will meet you outside the Salerno cruise ship terminal from where you will embark on an exciting wine trail. You will be visiting two noted wineries of the region.

Your first stop will be Mastroberardino, a winery with a family legacy since 1878. Possibly the oldest winery, it is known for its production of Taurasi DOCG as well as its ampelography work in identifying and preserving ancient grape varieties like Greco and Fiano. The dedication to wine making by the family, particularly Antonio Mastroberardino, in this field is noteworthy and he is often referred to as “The Grape Archaeologist”. Over 2.4 million bottles roll out of this reputed winery every year.

Your chauffeur will take you to your next stop, Feudi di San Gregorio, one of Campania’s most exciting and dynamic wineries, with their focus on innovation and keen eye for quality. A relatively new winery, it was founded in 1986, and their first wine was produced in 1991. The sprawling estate is located on ancient wine-producing land famous throughout all of Italy. In spite of being a newer player in this industry, they produce over three million bottles a year!

Revel in the flavor and taste of local, regional wines that have been carried to various parts of the world. Breathe in the wonder of the area as you enjoy a light lunch flavored with the region’s best ingredients at one of the wineries.

After a wonderful day sampling freshly made Italian dishes and drinking the wine of the country, your chauffeur will drive you back to the Salerno port. Cruise along the ocean with memories that will last you a lifetime.

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