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Upcoming Amalfi Tour? When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Limoncello!

Get ready to exhale with an “Aah limoncello” on your Amalfi tour. This signature after-dinner drink is bound to leave a taste that will linger in your senses long after your glass is done. Without a doubt, some of the world’s best lemons are grown in this part of Italy and the locals have developed a delicious way to use the plentiful fruit. So, while you are on your Italian holiday, take a gastronomic tour of the Amalfi coast, inhale the beauty of charming Sorrento and indulge in some limoncello magic!

Add Some Kick to Your Drink with these Limoncello Fun Facts:

  • Limoncello has been in existence for at least a century, but its origins are hazy. Nobody can be sure where, or when, limoncello was invented. It is believed that fishermen and farmers prepared their own versions and used it to fight colds. Some also believe that friars made it in their monasteries.
  • The recipe is quite simple, and includes robust, fresh lemons with thick and hearty skins. These are different from the ones available at local grocery stores back home. They are as large as grapefruit with inch-thick skins that thrive in Italy’s sun-kissed climate.
  • The fragrant after-dinner digestive is neither sour or bitter. Tangy, refreshing and flavorful, it has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.
  • The lemons are cultivated above 3 meters height and are protected by the weather. Harvesting takes place between February and October, strictly by hand. The Sorrento lemons have a characteristic oval shape and are a citrine yellow color.
  • The zest of the lemon is the main ingredient in limoncello. It is rich in essential oils and has a distinct aroma. The Mediterranean climate of the Amalfi-Sorrento coast is a great environment for these lemons. The zest is steeped in grain alcohol until the oil is released.
  • The lemons of Sorrento or Amalfi are grown in the region that is between the towns of Vico Equense and Massa Lubrense, as well as the island of Capri.
  • The preparation is easy but detailed. If followed with accuracy, in a bit less than three months, the traditional yellow liqueur will be ready to taste as an aperitif or digestive.
  • Almost every store on the streets of Sorrento sells limoncello.
  • Served chilled, limoncello clears the palette and warms the heart.

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