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The Spectacular Amalfi Coast in All Its Glory – A Day Ashore in Naples

A visit to the Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful places on earth is a dream come true for every visitor. The pure magic of this coast beckons with the lustrous Mediterranean Sea and majestic cliffs. The dreamy setting has been an inspiration for authors, poets and movie makers over the years.
Breathe in the natural wonder and transport yourself into history on this wonderful, full day shore excursion that will take you to some of the Italian villages that include Positano, Praiano and Ravello.

Here are some interesting facts about Positano, Praiano and Ravello:

  • Positano’s early origins seem to be lost in the pages of history. According to legend, the God Poseidon gifted this land to a nymph called Pasitea. However, archaeological evidence points to the remains of a Palaeolithic settlement around present-day. During the Middle Ages, Positano was an important port town. In 1268, Positano was raided by Pisan forces. As a consequence, the town decided that it needed to strengthen its defenses, thereby making the town accessible only by steep roads.
  • Praiano lies in the middle of the Amalfi coast, between Positano and  Amalfi. It is a seaside resort that has retained its atmosphere as a quiet fishing town over the centuries. The town’s cathedral is dedicated to Saint Gennaro, which is also the Saint Patron of Naples. Originally built in 1588, it was redone in Baroque style in 1772. It is accompanied by a squat, square bell tower and is decorated with hand-painted majolica tiles, a traditional craft of the area.
  • Ravello is a hidden treasure, perched on a hilltop 1200 feet above the Mediterranean Sea. Its villas and vistas have enchanted visitors for centuries. Famous actors, authors, composers, and artists have come here for refuge and inspiration. Ravello is visited for its stupendous views and two famous gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.

What to Expect on Your Full Day Amalfi Coast Shore Excursion from Naples

Your exciting shore excursion day will start with our English-speaking chauffeur picking you up at the Naples port. You will drive by some of the most scenic and breathtaking views of the Amalfi coast, traveling through the beautiful villages of Positano, Praiano, Furore, Conca dei Marini, Amalfi and Atrani, before arriving at the treasure of the Amalfi coast, Ravello.

The entire drive is so picturesque that it will leave you captive in its splendor. Your chauffeur will halt along the way so that you can take pictures and admire the view. Being a local of the area, he will have many stories and anecdotes enriched with his personal experience to tell you about the place. If you would like a tour guide for the excursion, we could organize the same for you in advance.
Your first stop will be in the village of Positano. You will be driving down “Viale Pasitea”, a this winding one-way street that forms a loop around the center of Positano. As the last point accessible by car is the Piazza “dei Mulini”, your chauffeur will wait for you here. Enjoy an hour walking around the beautiful setting of this quaint village. Internationally known for its clothing production, there are many elegant shops and boutiques along the street. Pick up a few trendy clothes to wear on the cruise ship! The beautiful waterfall will be a perfect backdrop for some more pictures.

The excursion continues with your chauffeur driving along the coastline to Praiano. You will see the church of “San Gennaro” built on 18th August 1589, on the foundations of another older church also dedicated to “San Gennaro”. Proceeding south, you will reach Furore, then Conca dei Marini which is known for its Emerald Grotto. The waters breaking into the grotto take on an intense green hue, caused by light filtration.
Your chauffeur will drop you at the main square by the port in Amalfi which is your next stop. Not to be missed is the Amalfi Cathedral of “Sant’Andrea” built in 987 A.D. It is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew whose relics are kept here.

The lovely day continues with your driver taking you to Ravello. Set like an eagle’s nest above the dizzying landscape of Italy’s Amalfi coast, is the most peaceful and charming resort town that is sure to leave an imprint in your memory. Ravello is also famous for its International Music Festival, which starts in April and ends in November.
With a day laden with history, beauty and enthralling experiences, your chauffeur will drive you back to the Naples port from where you can continue your cruise basking in the glory of a wonderful day on shore!

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