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Paestum & buffalo tour

A tour in Paestum; the land of history and buffalos!

Experience some breathtakingly beautiful ruins of an Ancient Greek city while learning the history behind it. While visiting Paestum, you will have a chance to explore temples and ruins that are thousands of years old. This tour isn’t just about history though; you will also have the chance to taste some of the most popular foods in Italy. It is the perfection combination of food for thought and food for your taste buds.

What to Expect During Your

Paestum and Buffalo Tour

This ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site is actually the doorway to the National Park of Cilento.

Greeks from Sybaris founded the city in 600 B.C.

Paestum is well-known for its roses that grow wild and offer delightful scenery.

During the 9th century, Paestum was abandoned due to widespread malaria. Archaeologists believe that this event brought about the well-preserved ancient structures that are found in the city today.

Inside Paestum, there is a beautiful city called Magna Grecia which you must definitely visit and discover.

Italy produces over 37,000 tons of buffalo mozzarella a year.

Buffalo milk contains 7% fat, while cow’s milk has 3% fat, thus making the buffalo milk products particularly rich and creamy.

Buffalo mozzarella is made from the milk of the Mediterranean Water Buffalo.

It is a product traditionally produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno.

The provinces of Salerno and Caserta contain more than 80% of Italy’s national buffalo farms.

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