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Wine tour with lunch

The best wine tour with lunch in the Campania region

The Chauffeur of Positano offers one of the most wonderful wine tours in the land of wine, knows as Irpinia. We can define Irpinia as the cradle of wine in the Campania Region, and is one of the most ancient places where the italian wine is produced. It is also one of the most important places in which one can spend a wine day tour as you learn the whole phenological process from the vineyard to the wine making process.
Everybody knows that Irpinia is the territory where Taurasi was born. Taurasi DOCG is one the most appreciated wines in the South of Italy, and is an ancient philosophy of the transformation of this very old Aglianico grape into this widely-celebrated wine. This process takes several years of aging with the initial sharpening process taking place in a barrel to then completing the process in a bottle.


wine day tour in Irpinia

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