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Best Shore Excursion of Herculaneum, Vesuvius & Pompeii from Sorrento

This shore excursion is a “shore-shot” way of exploring ancient history like never before! Enjoy this whole day as you experience Campania’s rich and unique beauty and heritage.

Here is some information about Herculaneum, Vesuvius & Pompeii:

  • Herculaneum was originally discovered by a farmer when a well was being dug in the early 18th century. An ancient Roman city, it was devastated by the pyroclastic flows caused by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Fortunately, this primeval town has retained its original splendor, and the ruins can now be viewed in the Ercolano community.
  • Mount Vesuvius is the only mainland European volcano to have erupted in the last 100 years, although it is currently dormant. Most famously, it erupted in 79 A.D., burying Pompeii and Herculaneum in ash. Its rich volcanic soil is conducive for the region’s high quality agricultural produce.
  • Pompeii lay forgotten for centuries. Around 2000 people died during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Underneath a thick layer of dust and debris, Pompeii was mostly intact. Archaeological findings revealed buildings, artifacts and skeletons and have been instrumental in teaching us a great deal about everyday life in the ancient world.

What to Expect on Your Whole Day Shore Excursion of Herculaneum, Vesuvius & Pompeii from Sorrento

Our professional English-speaking chauffeur will meet you outside the cruise ship terminal at Sorrento port. Your drive will take you along the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Enjoy stunning views of rocky cliffsides that drop into the ocean. As your chauffeur drives you to your first stop Herculaneum, he will be happy to share with you some history about the ruins. Being a local of the area, you will find the breadth of his knowledge astounding and enjoyable. Stop along the way to capture some priceless memories on camera.
Herculaneum will leave you in awe. Admire this city that was once deemed forgotten. Discovered by accident only in 1709, you will learn that excavations were carried out by digging vertical shafts and tunnels into the volcanic material. Open-air excavation began in 1927 under the archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri and most of the Roman city that can be visited today was uncovered in that period. With the wonder of this ancient city still on your mind, your chauffeur will take you on a hilly drive to your next stop, Mount Vesuvius. The hike to the mouth of the crater is steep and the path is stony. To make it easily accessible for visitors, there are handrails and you could even rent walking sticks. Don’t forget to wear comfortable, closed shoes and keep some sunscreen handy. “On top of the world, looking down on creation”, is the feeling you will experience once you reach the top of this majestic volcano!

Your chauffeur will now take you to Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is an amazing legacy from Roman times. The city, frozen in time, thanks to the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius will leave a lasting impression on your mind as you explore houses from modest to majestic, see Roman shops and baths, and look at the graffiti that’s still visible on some of the walls.
An amazing fact about Pompeii was that the people did not even know Vesuvius was a volcano as it had not erupted in 1800 years! Prior to the eruption, there was no Latin word for volcano.
We recommend you tour this site with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, which we can arrange for you at an additional cost. The site is a vast 108 acres and you could just wander around and miss things without proper guidance.
At the end of this day, our chauffeur will meet you outside the ruins to drive you back to the Sorrento port. As you continue your cruise on the Mediterranean, we are sure you would be brimming over with stories and enriched with experiences to share with the other guests.
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