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Meet our founder

PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE; these are the backbones on which I invest my time and energy.

From the PAST I have learned but I don’t get hindered by it.

My name is Giuseppe and, in 1977 and at the age of 13, my father taught me how to drive using our family car, a 1958 Fiat 1100. 5 years later, I obtained my first official driving license in Italy.
In 1984 I obtained my second driving license, this time in London, through the Department of Transport in the UK. The test was done on a manual stick shifts double decker 1957 Routemaster bus.
From that day going forward, I have always worked directly or indirectly within the transport and tourism industry. Driving buses across Europe, running a travel agency, managing director of a company supplying services for airlines, owner/operator of a hotel restaurant and, last but not least, as a logistics manager in a company that worked closely with UPS, TNT, FedEx.
Since having moved to Sorrento in 2010, I have been working in the “Private Luxury Chauffeuring” industry utilizing all of my past knowledge and experiences.


Using the PAST but living in the PRESENT.

I don’t believe in a “one-man band” or one person attempting to do everything, but rather an individual being highly skilled and specialized in a single aspect. If one can manage to bring these people together into a team, a great deal can be achieved… and I have managed to do just that.
At present, I have used my past experiences and relationships to bring together highly skilled and specialized people. Furthermore, I’ve built a close relationship with some of the best transportation and tourism companies offered here in Italy today. By building this close relationship, a partnership of companies was developed in which, through our experience, knowledge, and unique skills of each of us possesses, creates this special and unique organization. The primary objective of this distinctive partnership is to offer a luxury transportation service by sea, road, or air while maintaining the highest levels in safety, comfort, knowledge and quality of service.
“I set realistic expectations, and then I expect not to just meet them, but to exceed them”.

Living the PRESENT with an eye into the FUTURE.

The people I have chosen as my partners are individuals who are open minded and who all share the same visions, ideas, and goals for the future. We make every effort to ensure that we keep up with the technological advances in comfort and safety. We have a team dedicated in constantly searching for new, various technologies that can be adopted. The skippers, chauffeurs and pilots invest time to report on all aspects that can be improved from a practical standpoint. Finally, and equally as important, everyone invests financially to ensure our fleet is kept modern and renewed.

The all of the staff at The Chauffeur of Positano, our partners and I,  hope to see you soon and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

“Steering your dreams”

Giuseppe Capitanio