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The evolution of the The Chauffeur of Positano


  • The Chauffeur of Positano started in 2009 by our founder while he was still working as an employee in a limousine company.
  • Not having much money to invest, he couldn’t make business cards with the representative colors of the The Chauffeur of Positano.


  • In 2013 he invested in the first company logo and coordinated all of the company stationery.
  • The three main colours of the The Chauffeur of Positano are: white, cyan and magenta.
  • White: is the color of the walls that characterises the houses in Positano. It is a symbol of coziness, safeness and symbolises the light of your journey.
  • Cyan: a light shade of blue, which is the color of the sky and the sea in Positano that every town envies. The blue makes you feel as being hugged between the warm of the air end the freshness of the water.
  • Magenta: makes that shade of red bougainvillea that only in Positano grows so much with such intense colors. The bougainvillea represents our welcome and love from all of us to you.


  • In 2017 The Company new logo was changing. As you can see, the three symbols (boat, car, and helicopter) disappeared from the logo. Instead, the typical hat of the chauffeur made its appearance, along with the wheel of a car being included in the letter “S”. A small but very important local symbol was added, hanging down from the “E”. That is the “Cornicello”, a red pepper that simbolyses prosperity and, according to the local tradition, protects you against bad luck.
  • In the meantime new vehicles were added to our fleet.
  • Today the growth and the ambitions The Company has developed went well beyond our previous expectations. Our final logo has been forged and registered as a trade mark, our new project has started and a new era for this Company has just begun.


  • Awarded THA Travel & Hospitality award, Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.


  • Awarded Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
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